Our company stands for social and ethical responsibility. We work on the principles of fair trade and know the people behind who are making our products. We are very humble and proud of this special relationship

Our main collections are storage boxes for different purposes, trays for various uses, unique old beautiful textiles turned into wonderful pillows, hemp, seagrass and water hyacinth, all crafted from materials that are a gift of nature.

Making products in hand is making each one unique. For this reason not two products look exactly the same but have unique differences, and far apart from mass-produces items. A single item can take up to 30 days to be personally prepared for your needs.

Please enjoy!

Acentro was founded in 2006. Our vision is to create beautiful handcrafted products for the home.

Each handmade product is a result of a long time cooperation together with workshops and  small family-run businesses in Asia.

Our main goal is to create functional and sustainable products, produced to the highest quality and precision.

Our collections are always produced on the basis of the best skilled locally based craftsmanship and contemporary Nordic design.